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Aloe Gasteria in white ceramic pot

Aloe Gasteria in white ceramic pot


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Light Conditions & Temperature

The Gasteria succulent like a lot of light but do not appreciate harsh, direct sunlight.

As a houseplant, they do very well in a bright north window In the summertime. These houseplants can vacation outdoors in an area with high shade.

Be sure to acclimate and transition your houseplant from indoors to outdoors to avoid shock. Gasteria plants are part of a succulent group that does well in low light.

Watering & Feeding

Gasteria grows and flowers in the wintertime. During winter, reduce watering, allowing the soil to almost dry completely between waterings.

During wintertime, provide a couple of feedings with a water-soluble cactus fertilizer.

In the summertime, allow your plant to rest, and only water it when the soil is quite dry.

Adjust water according to the temperature and the amount of light.

In bright light with a warm ambient temperature, your plant will need more water. In a cooler dimmer setting, waterless.


    **Please note: All our plants have their own unique characters and the photo is just a guide to show what the plant looks like. Variations of shape sizes... but they all look happy and healthy!