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Large Philodendron  Minima  (one of a kind)

Large Philodendron Minima (one of a kind)


*Flower and Plant delivery is available only for Auckland*

This Philodendron Minima or Mini Monstera is a beautiful low maintenance plant. In our smaller grade are able to easily train this fast-growing plant around a wire, up a cocos pole, or up a trellis. If a cocos pole is  preference be sure to let them know that they will need to tie the plant with twine to the pole, and to mist the pole regularly to encourage the plant to grow its aerial roots onto the pole and attach itself.     
  • Habitat:  Does well in a humid environment.
  • Light: Lights bright indirect light. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves.
  • Water: Keep the soil moist, but do not over-water. Like most plants over-watering will cause root rot. 
  • Soil: Will be happy in a bark/peat based soil mixed with a orchid mix through it to help create a free draining medium that will retain moisture.
  • Fertiliser: During growing seasons. 
  • Fertiliser: Every 2-4 Months or during growth periods.


Please note : All our plants have their own unique characters and the photo is just a guide to show what the plant looks like. Variations of shape, sizes... but they all look happy and healthy!