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Monstera Obliqua Swiss Cheese Vine

Monstera Obliqua Swiss Cheese Vine


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The Swiss Cheese Vine needs to be kept in a warm and humid environment. Its preferred temperature is between 18-27˚C, although it will tolerate temperatures above 12 ˚C. Keep away from draughts and air conditioning.


The Monstera Swiss Cheese Vine requires bright indirect sunlight. Direct sunlight will burn the leaves of your plant.


Water using room temperature and water in smaller regular amounts to achieve moist, but not soggy soil. Don’t let the soil dry out. The roots do not like to be left wet so ensure that your pot and soil have good drainage. Less water will be required over the winter months.


The Swiss Cheese Vine will need to have its leaves cleaned to ensure its ability to photosynthesise in order to feed itself. Due to the delicate nature of the leaves a full shower every now and again to remove any dust that has accumulated is the best method for cleaning your plants leaves.


During spring and summer use an all-purpose liquid plant food to promote new growth.


Monsteras are toxic plants. Keep out of reach of both children and pets.


Monsteras prefer a well-draining soil which is not too heavy. It needs to be able to retain moisture, but not hold water. Ensure your soil has a peat component which will trap moisture, but not become waterlogged.


This can be done annually to replace the soil and increase the pot size if required. Re-potting is not recommend when you purchase your new plant as it needs to become accustomed to its new environment. To re-pot and change your plants environment may shock your new plant.

Please note : All our plants have their own unique characters and the photo is just a guide to show what the plant looks like. Variations of shape, sizes... but they all look happy and healthy!